Diversity can be a prickly topic for discussion yet Deborah’s engaging, enthusiastic and entertaining style brings home an instructive message without sacrificing substance. As a nationally recognized psychologist and diversity management thought leader, Deborah’s gift of taking apart theories of human differences and stating them in practical terms leave her audiences with information and inspiration.

Her key note addresses include:

Radical Respect in Challenging Times 

Amid explosive race, gender, and immigration issues, the public struggle between advocates of religious liberties and advocates for LGBT equality, campaigns for hiring more people with disabilities, and movements such as the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, we can be confident that diversity issues will not be relegated to obscurity.

Technological advances have allowed us to get our information from customized sources tailored to align with what we want to know, understand and believe, making it increasingly challenging to build coalitions and advance inclusion toward the benefit of all.

Our ability to shape the future will be determined by how we treat those with whom we most vehemently disagree. We need leaders, transformative change agents, and compassionate healers capable of building inclusive organizations and peaceful communities. This keynote explores how we can use ourselves as tools for fostering the three components of respect—admiration, dignity and civility.

Turning Us and Them Into We One Cross-Racial Friend at a Time

In a U.S. national survey conducted for her book, Some of My Friends Are…The Daunting Challenges and Untapped Potential of Cross-Racial Friendships, 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that friendships across racial lines are essential to making progress toward improving race relations.  However, the vast majority of Americans do not have friends across racial lines. This keynote examines why that is so and offers a different path to racial equity.

With engaging stories and inspiring anecdotes drawn from national focus groups and interviews, along with analyses of surveys showing contemporary patterns of adult friendships, the talk provides insights into how cross-racial friendships work and fail in American society.  This keynote fosters a more authentic, meaningful, and enlightened racial discourse, prompts the audience to examine their own friendship patterns, and examine how they might be contributing to or lessening the ever-widening racial divide.

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