Keynote Speaker

Communicating Across Differences | Knowing how to effectively communicate for impact in diverse settings is an essential skill in a global society. Participants leave with practical, ready-to-use skills to increase cultural competence in their professional and personal lives.

Navigating Race: Unraveling Racial Identity in a “Post-Racial Society” | Understanding and managing the complexities of race in today’s global society requires achieving a healthy racial identity resolution, regardless of your race. Participants will leave with simple solutions for a complex issue.

The ROI of Diversity | Diversity in organizations has extended beyond a buzz word phenomenon yet struggles to embed itself as part of mainstream organizational work. This presentation tells you how to integrate diversity for business impact.

Everyday Self-Negotiation: Protecting Yourself in Professional and Personal Negotiations | With the current restraints on the economy and resources becoming the new normal, it is imperative for women and people of color (often the last hired or promoted) not to have too much of their identity, values, or beliefs be negotiable while trying to advance in a career. This presentation focuses on the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to align your goals with business objectives.

Psychologist & Consultant

In 1988, Deborah founded Psychological Health Care, Inc. as a clinical practice. In 1990, using her skills as a licensed psychologist, Deborah began consulting in diversity management while still providing counseling services to individuals, couples and families. In 1993, the consulting arm, D. L. Plummer & Associates, a firm of human services consultants specializing in diversity management and organizational transformation, grew to such an extent that it began to operate independently of Psychological HealthCare, Inc. In 2004, Dr. Plummer closed the clinical practice arm of the firm to devote its efforts solely to the practice of diversity management and organizational change efforts. D.L. Plummer & Associates has worked successfully with over 70 organizations in diversity management, diversity strategic planning, facilitating diversity training and conducting organizational development consultations. Currently Deborah’s work focuses on public speaking and writing projects.

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