January 22      Some of My Friends Are… Book Launch Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge, MA

January 23      Brian Lehrer Radio Show, NY, NY

January 23      Book Salon Boston, MA

January 28      WBUR/Radio Boston, MA

January 30      NCEN The Take

February 12     Oxfam America

February 20     St. Cecilia Parish, Boston, MA

March 3          NPR All Things Considered

March 5          Book Salon Pittsburgh

March 6          Vibrant Pittsburgh

March 10        WHDH Boston Higher Ground

March 16        Some of My Friends Are… Book Launch Barnes and Nobles, Cleveland, OH

March 19        WGBH NPR Boston Callie Crossley Under the Radar

March 26        Book Salon Boston

April 2              Mass General Hospital Stand Against Racism

April 4              Harvard Medical School Countway Library

April 11           57th Street Books Chicago, IL

April 14           Book Salon, Boston

April 23           Book Salon, Cleveland Hts. OH

May 2               Busboys and Poets, Washington DC

May 7               Old Town Books, Arlington, VA

May 16            50 Black Women Over 50 Book Event, Boston

May 17            Book Salon, Shaker Hts. OH

May 20            Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference

May 24-25       Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

June 11           Book Salon, Boston

June 16           This is New England NBC10 Boston

June 24-28      Cape Cod Institute

July 12             Book Salon, Bratenahl, OH

July 31             Book Salon, Brookline, MA

August 12        Book Salon, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

August 15-16  Duke School of Medicine, Durham, NC

August 17        Book Salon, Raleigh/Durham, NC

Sept 3              Book Salon, Portland OR

Sept 26-30      Gestalt Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

October 2        The Boston Club, Boston

October 6        Barnes and Nobles, Dublin, CA

October 11      Book Salon, Boston, MA

October 19      Book Salon, Shaker Heights, OH

October 20      Book Salon, Lyndhurst, OH

October 25      Book Salon, Atlanta, GA

November 5 Book Salon, Mayfield Hts, OH

December 6    MIT Executive MBA Program


January 15     Leadership Briefing, Cincinnati, OH

January 22     Salem Athenaeum, Salem, MA

February 3      Leadership Briefing, Cincinnati, OH

March 6-7        South Carolina Clinical Social Work Society Annual Conference

April 3-5 Muse and the Marketplace Literary Conference, Boston, MA