Presentations and Workshops on diversity can be a prickly topic for discussion yet Deborah’s engaging, enthusiastic and entertaining style brings home an instructive message without sacrificing substance. As a internationally recognized psychologist and diversity management thought leader, Debbie’s gift of taking apart theories of human differences and stating them in practical terms leaves her audiences with information and inspiration. She brings her deeply humanist and Gestalt trained skills to invite audiences to look at themselves as social beings in relation to our programmed fear of the “other.”

Some of her presentations include Radical Respect: Using Self as an Instrument of Social Change; Advancing Inclusion: Turning Us and Them into We; Achieving Racial Equity…One Friend at a Time; and Using Social Privilege as a Leadership Competency.

Book Salons are invitational, hosted dialogue sessions (typically two hours in the host’s home) with diverse readers, thinkers, and friends. Through the simple process of engaged conversation around the ideas presented in Some of My Friends Are, participants shift from small talk to the BIG talk of meaningful, enlightening, empathetic racial discourse. Facilitated by author Deborah Plummer, participants explore the complex and often prickly topic of race relations through the lens of friendships.  Book Salon goals are to sharpen thinking, challenge assumptions, expand worldviews, as participants to enlighten and inspire each other, and, together, carve out a better path to crossing racial lines in friendships and deepen the bonds with current cross-racial friends. Through these Book Salons, participants contribute to the creation of a more enlightened future in a truly just and racially integrated society.

Community Classrooms are large group gatherings of people who live in geographic proximity to each other (think cities or towns) who come together for a half-day session to study the themes of Some of My Friends Are, develop shared language about contemporary race issues, unravel the complexities of racial dynamics, practice competencies for effective multiracial living, and form and develop closer bonds with other community members.

Interested in having Deborah keynote or provide a workshop for your conference, annual meeting, or workplace event? Would you like to sponsor a Community Classroom or host a Book Salon? To learn more about these speaking engagements, please send an inquiry to with Speaker Request in the subject line.