For almost thirty years, I have been a learner and facilitator of leveraging differences to advance the mission of organizations and achieve their business objectives. The work hasn’t gotten easier. In fact, as we embrace and act out of our multiple and intersecting identities, building inclusive organizations, enlightened educational institutions, and peaceful communities has become more complex. It may even seem impossible to achieve a "we." That is where this blog enters. It serves as a space where we can examine some of these complex issues and create dialogue on solutions for getting to that "more perfect union."

I’m a lovingly-nagging wife, adopted Mom, deep-thought sister, a go-to-aunt, devoted friend, dog and people lover (in that order), practicing psychologist, university professor, chief diversity officer, author, and speaker on topics central to racial equality, inclusion, and mutual respect. My professional CV is here.

Getting To We includes traditional long-and-short-form posts written by me and some of the best thinkers in the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) space. I also include an occasional vlog post. And (drum roll, please), there are a number of micro-moment posts to satisfy your I-want-to-know moments. Micro-moment posts offer brief explanations about current diversity issues.

I am excited about how learning (yours and mine) will happen through these online conversations. Enjoy the blog and welcome to the conversation!

Onward and Upward,